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The Problem With Water Restrictions

water restrictions damage to grass

Remember the old days?

When you could just water your lawn whenever it needed it?

Those days are long gone! It has become increasingly difficult to keep my properties looking nice and green. Our government officials have given us landscapers quite a challenge. Everything is fine in the summer time. It is the spring dry season that causes all the problems.

Spring Drought

In the spring, the grass dries up due to the drought. Only being able to water once a day for a few hours is not enough to keep the grass alive in some areas of the lawn. You can tell when the grass is suffering from drought stress because the grass will start to get a grayish tint to it. It will feel like straw when you step on it.

So, now your grass is starting to suffer.

But it doesn't stop there. Since the grass is dying, this is an open invitation to insect problems. Bugs invade and start unleashing their destruction on the slowing dying grass. So, not only is your grass dying due to lack of water, but the bugs have come in to destroy your lawn!

The extreme watering restrictions have made it all but impossible to prevent this from happening.

Then the Weeds Come

But, eventually the summer rains come and everything appears to be just fine. Everything looks green but this is just an illusion! Why? Because weeds have filled in where the grass has died! It may appear that you have a nice green lawn but it is very likely that you have quite a few weeds in there.

These weeds will then die off in the fall leaving you with a spotty yard once again! And, since the St. Augustine grass goes semi-dormant during the winter months, it will take a long time for it to fill back in.

The only solution is to fill in the patches with sod or plugs. And the cycle repeats. Year, after year, after year...

The Problem With Water Restrictions

Let's say that today is Monday and your scheduled watering day is on the following day - Tuesday. You look at your lawn and notice that it is green. Should you water your lawn? Well if you don't water it, and it doesn't rain, then you have to wait until the following Tuesday to water it.

Your entire lawn could die during that time! And that is the problem. People are watering their lawns even it doesn't need it because they are afraid it will die if they don't.

If it weren't for watering restrictions, you could just keep your irrigation system turned off at all times. If you noticed the grass starting to wilt, then you could just set your irrigation system to water the following day - and you could save a ton of money and water.

The water restrictions definitely have their share of unintended consequences!

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Water Restrictions

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